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A New Idea- Styling Made Easy

We have some exciting news to announce (and if you follow us on social media you may already have heard) – we just made your life even EASIER! What on earth do I mean?

Well, we’ve always known that the way we style and photograph our products is a big part of what we do and we love helping our customers feel confident styling in their own home. But, we noticed that many of you were buying sets of items according to what other products they had been photographed with on the site. So… *drumroll* we’ve taken out the hard work and introduced a brand new range of styled vignettes!

Which means that we have already collated and styled a collection of items for you and with one click of an ‘Add to Basket’ button you can buy them as a complete set. Which is pretty excellent news for those of you who need a little helping hand and might not be feeling too confident about what to put with what. We think styling is the fun bit, but we’ve had a fair bit of practise and we know it can be confusing when there are so many products out there, and so many different looks you can achieve.

Introducing our new range of styled vignettes, which are sold as complete sets, so you can be confident everything you've bought works perfectly together- MiaFleur

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DIY Plant Pots with Fringing

Now that the fab 91 Magazine has gone into print I can finally read and savour it properly. I am a technophobe – so much so I can’t read magazines online, I need a real paper copy, so to finally be able to hold the delicious paper in my hand, and gaze at the fabulous photography, and read about so many talented people its making me gush, sorry! To get back to the point of this blog I do like a bit of simple craft DIY so when I spotted the instructions for jazzing up plant pots in 91 Magazine I had to have a go.

My take on 91 Magazine's DIY plant pots with fringing.

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Urban Jungle Bloggers- 1 Plant 3 Stylings

Urban Jungle Bloggers is a monthly series hosted by Igor and Judith to encourage us all to bring a little more green into our lives. Each month they, plus many bloggers worldwide, share ideas to create an urban jungle through styling ideas, DIYs and green tips & tricks and this month the theme is ‘1 plant – 3 stylings’.

I’ve been nurturing this Aeonium Balsamiferum for several years now and despite my haphazard neglect it’s still thriving, and quite my favourite house plant, so had to be the star of this show.

urban-jungle-one-plant-3-ways a

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Sourcebook: Amtico Flooring

I love Amtico flooring – and no, I’m not being paid to say that! I’ve always loved the finish, and the designs, and the way you can make patterns with the pieces to make a design unique to you and your home. When I moved into my previous house 25 years ago I knew instantly that Amtico would do justice to the beautiful big square hall. I also hoped that it would be able to cope with five children rampaging through it on a daily basis. And it did, and still it looks good. The stuff that floor had to put up with – the kids have fond memories of whizzing around the central hall table on skateboards chasing each other and other such fun pursuits. Well I didn’t find it fun then but in retrospect I suppose it was, certainly for them!

Script Maple Silver Amtico Flooring- Review

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7 Reasons NOT to Buy From a Small Company

I shouldn’t really be doing this, in fact it goes against everything we probably should be saying, but I just felt it was time to come clean…

As you will all no doubt know, we’re a small, family run business. However, shopping with us doesn’t come without its issues and I thought in the interest of being honest, I’d pen some thoughts on why you might NOT want to buy from a small company.

I shouldn't really be doing this, in fact it goes against everything we probably should be saying, but I just felt it was time to come clean.

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How to Create a Bohemian Interior

We have a new trend category on MiaFleur that we are really excited about – New Boho. What’s ‘New Boho’ you might ask? Well it’s Bohemian but more refined and less cluttered, but with lots of vitality and warmth and it’s easier to add elements of it to your own style. Think emerald green – lots of it in soft velvets and lush house plants with splashes of colour and pattern.

Think emerald green – lots of it in soft velvets and lush house plants with splashes of colour and pattern.

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