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Dreamy Pink Décor Ideas

Blush, hot, peachy, soft, dazzling or pastel – whichever pink takes your fancy they are all delicious in their own way, and I think every home needs a touch of pink in celebration of such a glorious, dreamy colour.  But not everyone is as taken with the hue as we are, so we’ve collated some of our favourite pink décor ideas from Instagram to get your creative juices flowing.  

So, how do you play it? Do you go for the hot pinks or the pastel pinks? I can be drawn either way depending on the look I want to achieve – subtle or out there! I have a soft dreamy blush wallpaper in my bedroom, which I find calming and zen like, but I did have a hot pink front door for a few years which was always a talking point. To get you in the vibe we have drawn together some stunning images of pink décor ideas in all its many guises, (be it interior or exterior) to help you visualize how to rock this fabulous hue.

This front door, painted the softest of pastel pinks looks so grown up and chic that it’s hard to resist.

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Exciting New British Made, Velvet Armchairs!

Hot off the press – MiaFleur has launched the start of a new range of sumptuous handmade armchairs in collaboration with the best of British upholsterers. We aim to bring you the best of timeless style and quality, with a sassy, MiaFleur edge. Whether you want a cosy armchair to curl up in or a statement piece to add glamour to a room we think we’ve cracked it with these 2 beauties!

We can personally vouch for their comfort factor as well, rest assured they have been tried and tested by each of us and given the ‘ahhhh’ seal of approval! As Goldie Locks once said, “Ahhh, this chair’s not too soft and not too firm… in fact, it’s just right”. That was what she said, wasn’t it?

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5 Easy Steps to Creating the Perfect Outdoor Room

Bring the inside outside by creating an outdoor room on your terrace to enjoy the longer summer days. Now we are in the height of summer create an array of vignettes to fully appreciate the outdoors then sit back and breath in the scent of flowers and admire the view. Gone are the days when the garden was simply a lawn and somewhere to grow a few flowers – now we want to create a room outdoors which can be enjoyed all through the year as an extension of our home. So, of course, you need the right props to achieve this, and there is a wealth of goodies out there specifically designed for the outdoors to help you achieve this from rugs to mirrors to seating. These five easy steps will help you create your perfect outdoor room.

Gone are the days when the garden was simply a lawn and somewhere to grow a few flowers - now we want to create a room outdoors which can be enjoyed all through the year as an extension of our home. These five easy steps will help you create your perfect outdoor room.

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WIN £200 in Vouchers!

Happy Monday, folks!  If you’re in the UK, then it’s a happy Monday indeed, since not only is it 30 degrees and gloriously sunny, but we’ve also got a fabulous competition for you.  We’ve teamed up with the lovely lot at The Dressing Room, which is a gorgeous clothing boutique in St Albans (and online store, for those of you not local).  We’re offering one lucky winner a chance to win a £100 voucher to spend with each of us, which means a whopping £200 to spend on fashion and homewares goodies!

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1 Product Styled 3 Ways: White Marble Shelf

How do you make a very lovely but lonely marble shelf look stunning? Well, me and Amelia have taken the white marble shelf and styled it 3 different ways to give you some ideas on where to go with it so it doesn’t look so lonely. Of course, being MiaFleur all 3 ways are somewhat exuberant but should you be of a more minimalist persuasion you get the gist, and being MiaFleur flowers and foliage play a large part in the styling.

A bit of tropical and a bit of whimsy all snuggled up together creates a white marble shelf that has the look of a Victorian collector’s display. Curios from around the world come together for a touch of the exotic, with a pink toucan money box, a cheeky monkey plant pot and some flamingos for a laugh. Lots of lush faux greenery and lily flowers completes the look.

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The Definitive Guide to House Plants

At Home with Plants, by Ian Drummond and Kara O’Reilly, is a creative masterpiece that will have you dashing out to buy plants, pots and compost in a desperate urge to recreate some of the delicious displays portrayed. The authors, award-winning interior landscape designer Ian Drummond and interiors editor Kara O’Reilly show how indoor gardening has evolved into a serious interior design consideration for an aesthetically pleasing home.

We are also absolutely delighted to have a couple of our plant pots featured in the book and to be listed in the supplier directory, which is why we were very kindly gifted a copy. But – I must stress, the gushing that follows about this book, is entirely my own. So, that said, let’s delve in.

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