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We Love: Mairi Helena Textiles

Mairi Helena is an Edinburgh based designer, textile designer and photographer, and the landscape of Scotland, with all its delicious colours and flora and fauna is her inspiration. I Iove the way she describes her inspiration ‘the vibrant, earthy colours of the Scottish Borders landscape where I grew up, then seaward by the rustic, weathered, coastal fringe of Fife and now the bustling, pulsating Edinburgh sensations’, doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Mairi Helena is an Edinburgh based designer, textile designer and photographer.

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How to Brew the Perfect Filter Coffee

If coffee to you is more experience and less convenience, then you’ll love the almost meditative Japanese method of making pour over filter coffee. Brewed slowly for optimum flavour, this method gives you complete control over temperature and brewing time. To celebrate the launch of our new range of coffee accessories, I asked my good friend, Ed owner of artisan coffee shop and café 96 Degrees in Leicester to give his top tips on how to brew the perfect filter coffee.

“The pour over drip brewer is a super-simple piece of equipment that can get you barista quality results at home, there’s just a few simple steps you need to grasp to help you get started. Here’s how to brew the perfect filter coffee:

Brewed slowly for optimum flavour, pour over filter coffee gives you complete control over temperature and brewing time.

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5 garden Design Ideas to Steal

With spring looming on the horizon and the hope of longer days and more light, it’s time to talk about gardens and think about ways to create your dream garden. With these 5 garden design ideas to steal you will be able to get lots of ideas to help you create your own bit of urban paradise.

Create a Private Oasis
This is a fabulous way to add height and drama to what is essentially a small courtyard garden, and the sense of privacy gives a feeling of a secluded oasis. The concrete slabs are used to make a retaining wall that is deep enough to be planted at head height giving the garden a real sense of enclosure and privacy. Imagine how boring it would be if it was all on one level with just a stark backdrop. Another great idea is to use contrasting fencing materials to give character and contrast to the hard landscaping.

This is a fabulous way to add height and drama to what is essentially a small courtyard garden, and the sense of privacy gives a feeling of a secluded oasis. Garden design by Jenny Bloom Garden design.

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This 1 Thing will Instantly Improve any Vignette

This 1 thing that will instantly improve your vignette is a tray of some description – be it a metal tray, a glass tray (as in vintage glass dressing table tray) or a decorative tray – they will all add substance to your vignette and ground it to the space.

This simple pastel vignette is pleasing in its own way but click to view the full post, to see it styled with the addition of a gold tray. It instantly adds more drama and pizzazz, making the whole scheme more vibrant, and noticeable, of course.

Struggling to create the perfectly styled vignette? This 1 thing will instantly improve any vignette, giving you a cohesive and vibrant display.

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7 Times Tiles were Totally Terrific

Tiles are a practical solution in a home that many people tend to view as merely a bland backdrop to the overall scheme in a room because they are expensive to purchase and expensive to put up (or time consuming if you are a DIY’er), so they often get relegated to the boring spectrum in the hope they can remain there, unobtrusively, for many years! But oh, you are missing a trick, in terms of the drama they can bring to your décor tiles are unequalled, and to prove it we’re showcasing ‘7 Times tiles were totally terrific’ to get your creative juices flowing.

These tiles will add drama for years! Image by The Jungalow.

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We’re Taking a Festive Break!

Well, that’s a wrap, folks! Another Christmas and another year. I can’t believe little ol’ MiaFleur is already 4 years old!

It’s been an incredible year for us at MiaFleur HQ, the highlight of which was winning a Midlands Family Business Award for ‘Best Use of Digital’. But of course, none of it would be possible without you, our lovely, loyal customers and followers. So we want to thank you all for your support, it really does mean the world to us. I heard a quote recently which said, “Every time you buy from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance.” And that is most definitely true for us, so thank you!

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