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About MiaFleur

About Us

MiaFleur is fun, quirky and just a little bit eccentric.

We are an online boutique selling a range of exquisite interiors products, partly designed and handmade by us in the UK and partly sourced from British designer makers, combined with a selection of home accessories and gifts which have been sourced from the UK and abroad. We are a mother and two daughter team, combining our eclectic tastes to bring you something very special.

We launched MiaFleur to fill a gap in the market for truly unique interiors and we believe that our range of home accessories and gifts dispel the notion that handmade, need look homemade. Along with our own range of handmade cushions and textiles, we also scour the countries craft and design shows and hand select the very best in quirky interiors.

The criteria for which product makes it into our shop is quite simple - we have to absolutely love it! To the extent that we will only sell items that we would buy ourselves. As you can imagine, this makes our lives very hard and even painful at times- it takes an enormous amount of willpower for us to not just keep them for ourselves! Especially, our one off items, they're all so special and individual, but our love of beautiful things and desire to share this with others, overrides and after shedding a few tears, we set them free for others to enjoy!

Please click the links below for a bio on each of us, as we are a small business, we all play a part in every role, however the below gives you a little more info on each of us. Since Amelia and Jacqui hate to write anything about themselves and blush at the mere thought of it, Hollie has written theirs, hence why it may be somewhat more superlative than if they had done it themselves!


Amelia has just finished her degree in Textile Design at Birmingham City University. She is a wonderfully creative individual, who has the somewhat irritating habit of being unable to ever recognise just how talented she is.

Amelia has no desire whatsoever to go backpacking, preferring home comforts and beautiful surroundings far too much to want to slum it! That's not to say she doesn't want to see the world though, oh no, she just wants to do it in style!

Amelia has taken after Jacqui with her interest in crafts and from a young age wanted to be taught how to sew, when she isn't attached to the sewing machine, you'll find her napping or watching trash TV. She believes she's had her best creative ideas whilst afternoon napping, so if you ever find it all gets too much and you just can't think of where to take your project next, make like Amelia and get into bed! You'll be sure to have a flash of genius!


Jacqui, to those who know her, is 'Super Woman', quite literally a hero among women. She has five children, all only two years apart and whilst they were all still at school, somehow on top of all of that, managed to get through three years of full time education, to get herself a degree in Textile Design from Loughborough University.

Since graduating, she has continued to use her skills, but only for personal use and has not been selling her designs, instead she has been working in the family potato merchants business- how to dampen your creative flair!

Jacqui has a fabric collection to rival China! She has always had a 'sewing room' in the house- a treasure trove of all manner of buttons, trimmings, threads and fabrics which is her sanctuary from the world, to get on her sewing machine and create something beautiful from scratch. As well as a pink front door, Jacqui has also been known to sport a crimson streak in her hair and has a gold throne in the sitting room... they do say eccentricity is the route to brilliance!


Hollie graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 2008, with a degree in Fashion and Textile Management. Following graduation, she booked a one way flight to Thailand and flew the nest to see what she might find.

Having only booked it the week before, with no itinerary and not even a Lonely Planet guide to hand (some may call this foolish, we like to say, spontaneous!) she ended up staying away for a year, meeting some amazing people and seeing some phenomenal sights along the way.

In stark contrast to her mother and sister, Hollie cannot use a sewing machine, she has very little interest in collecting fabrics and if she were to spend a day in the 'sewing room', well, the results quite honestly would be comical. In fact maybe one of these days we'll show you one of her creations on the blog! The good news is however, she absolutely loves the finished product- which works rather well with a mother and sister who love to make things, not to mention a plethora of gorgeous work from other designers to choose from!

Without having been passed on the 'sewing gene', Hollie takes much more after her Father and deals with the business side of things at MiaFleur. She's also the talker among the three and is the words behind our blog and social media.